4 Tips To Reduce The Risks Of Breast Cancer

According to the WHO, around 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide in 2020, of which 685000 passed away. It’s an acute disease that can destroy families and leave children to live without the presence of their mothers.

The safest way to avoid breast cancer is by improving your health and dietary habits. Family history and genetics play an essential role in how high your chances of getting breast cancer are. But maintaining your fitness can do wonders at minimizing the threat, especially during pregnancies.

Maintain Your Weight

You must keep track of your weight and maintain a healthy body mass index. Obesity or being underweight can lead to several repercussions, including high risks of getting breast cancer as you age.

Reduce Sun Exposure

Prolonged and frequent sun exposure can be hazardous for your skin. Not only can it cause skin pigmentation and wrinkles, but it also makes your chemotherapy less effective by burning your skin.

Have Food That Prevents Breast Cancer

You must prepare a healthy diet and stick to it regularly. It’s not simply clean eating that you must focus on. Instead, you must have food that reduces the possibility of breast cancer. Superfoods, including whole grains, fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables like leafy greens and tomatoes, are beneficial dietary components.

Get Professional Guidance

In case of a family history of breast cancer, it’s safer to visit your healthcare provider and have them plan a lifestyle for you. Also, make sure to consult your doctor before taking any hormonal medication, including birth control pills, to understand the risks and if it’s suitable for you or not.

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